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un peu capoté…

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Jeff and I had wanted dogs for the longest time.  We finally bought a place (woo hoo!) and started looking into breeds of dogs.  We were going to get a Eurasier, which is a mix of a Samoyed, Wolfspitz and Chow Chow.  Unfortunately, strata rules made that impossible.  We didn’t want to buy a dog, get attached, and have to get rid of it!

We struggled to find a dog under 25 lbs that would fit not only the strata rules, but our lifestyle and needs as well.  My past experiences with small dogs have not really been positive.  I remember a lot of barking and snarling – not something I wanted.  Jeff wanted a dog that he could run with, and he’s a big guy with long legs!  It seemed impossible, really.

I read up on and fell in love with the Coton de Tulear breed.  They are smart, silly and athletic.  The downside – for Jeff – was that they are fluffy and white.  Somehow, Jeff couldn’t reconcile himself to the idea.  He agreed to getting a Coton anyway, since he rocks and he loves me.  He did keep researching, and found out that Australian Shepherds have and can be bred to be Miniature Australian Shepherds.  We found a breeder in Oliver that had a litter that was born on August 26, 2010.  We drove up and met the then 6 week old pups, and man, were they amazing.

We fell in love with Oakley.  We made the long drive up to Oliver two weeks later and came home with our new puppy – now named Chopper.  Chopper is great – smart, athletic, loving.  He can be a little timid at times, and he really likes to think things through when meeting new people, but he’s come a long way, baby!

Oddly enough, we got Friday, our Coton, a month after Chopper, even though she was the first one we put a deposit down on!  She’s almost a exactly a month younger than Chopper, and was born on September 21, 2010.  She is also great – silly, happy and also athletic.  She’s what we call, a “gamer”.  She pushes along on hikes, happily, even though she picks up most of the trail as we go.

These guys get along terrifically.  They are the best of friends, which is really great.  They seem like such different dogs when you look at them – people are either in love with Chopper or in love with Friday (but they always reassure us that the other one is “cute, too”).  People interested in the Mini Aussies should know that they need lots of exercise (lots!).  People interested in the Cotons should know that they need daily grooming and are relatively rare in BC (and therefore pricey).


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