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You’re interrupting my nap!



I’m always impressed when Chopper scales rocks like they’re nothing.

So, Friday’s pretty good at “Shelf” and “Leave it”

So Jeff decided to add a few more cookies. One on her nose…

And one on her head. But before I could take the picture, she lost her balance. Not bad, though!


These dogs are cuddly and cute. Sometimes, cuddly and cute together!

So, this is Friday in July.
(Photo Credit: Matt Kennedy,

And then this is Friday in August.

Naked Friday looks like Falcor from the Neverending Story. That’s what happens when we grow her hair out long, on purpose, then hand her off to go camping for a while. Then for awesome walks on the beach, through paths and on trails. Then a bath without getting the knots out first. Friday’s hair got so bad, it went from just being matted, to becoming pelted! We had to have her shaved down. She looks like a whole new dog with funny long ears and a tail that she’s still getting used to. I think that all her fur before blocked her tail from being felt. Now, she keeps on looking back at it and biting it, like she can’t figure out where the annoying sensation is coming from. I even got to watch her chase her tail for a while, something she had never done before.