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2010 april 13, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

Not a project365 picture, but it’s a picture of the next step in paper making. The kids dipped the picture frames into the pulp (created by blending the soaked paper) and eased the paper onto cloths. We just need to let them dry – hopefully, just overnight!


2010 april 12 5, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

I would have picked this as my pic of the day, but I’m trying to stick to the colour theme. Red just wouldn’t work! Oh well.

jan 4, 2010 3 red action, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

These are two of my students looking at images from Chris Van Allsburg’s book, “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”. I got the portfolio edition for Christmas last year, from Jeff.

Nice Santa hat, Jeff.

Yup, she knows that she’s cute! Another picture from our walk at Mundy park.

For some reason this year, I am soooo ready for Christmas.  Usually, I feel stressed and rushed, but this year, I’m really looking forward to it!