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Our marvelous librarian at our school creates a “Kindness Tree” around Valentine’s Day. It’s her second year at our school, so it’s our second time seeing it come around. Students pick a name of a fellow student out of a bag. My students wrote up their hearts to add to the tree today, and their comments were too funny not to share.

Such as? Well, here goes…

“Oh hey. Um. This is going to be cheesy. Sorry. Well, you’re one of those people who stay late after school. I know you’re really good at basketball. And um, you’re funny and I like your green hoodie. ‘Cause, you know. It’s green.”

“I like how you are always calm and never get into big fights with people in the class. You always seem so relaxed and carefree. You are also very nice and you never insult anybody.”

Side note: I’m impressed at this – both at the acknowledgment and the act. Mostly the act of never saying anything mean. It’s rare, for both adults and children!

“You are funny and nice. I think that you are funny and I like your afro.”

“You are a good friend. Your bear hat is very cool. It’s very unique.”

“You are so…………….. awesome and stuff. I also think you are a nice person, just like [name of another student]. U r also a good person.”

“I love how we have our daily after school vampire diaries/Buffy the vampire slayer discussion. Plus you’re a very interesting and weird person but in a good way.”

“You are so quiet and thoughtful. You give really great advice, You are an awesome friend! You comfort me when I start hyperventilating.”

"Sincere Apologies"

-I think that you are intelligent and good at school. It seems as though you are a thesaurus and wikipedia. You use complicated synonyms and know a lot about most things.

– Letting various people borrow your stationary is a really nice welcome. You were the first person to let me borrow index cards An open attitude is always received with much gratitude.

“Thank you for lending me all those school supplies and letting me smell your jellybean scented highlighter. You are nice.

This is better than his original note, which I made him erase: I love you very, very, very much and I have all these years. When I see you my heart sets on fire and my tunnel of vision is set only on you.

And finally…

"I like your smartness"

Ah, from the mouth of babes, huh?


(P.S. Formatting this thing was a pain. I gave up.)


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