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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

2013 january 1 002

This is Deathblade, the cat I introduced in my last post.

He’s pretty chill. He took some time to explore our place, but didn’t seem to mind the dogs.

2013 january 1 005

Luckily, since Friday adored him. Friday – the dog who doesn’t seem to care for other animals – loved Deathblade. She followed him around everywhere. If Deathblade lay down, Friday would lie down nearby and stare until she fell asleep. If Deathblade gots up and walked somewhere, so did Friday.

2012 december 31 017

Luckily, Deathblade’s owner saw our “Found” poster when putting up his “Lost” poster. Apparently, Deathblade’s real name is Mexi.


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