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November 7, 2012

312/365 - November 7, 2012
Student memoirs. I posted on Facebook saying that I was marking student memoirs and I had a number of people question what 12 year olds are doing writing memoirs. Well, in my defense, it’s more about voice than the actual memoir. Proof? This one was about a student’s experience as a monitor – this year. It was terrific. Granted, they aren’t all terrific, but this one was worth the assignment!

ISO 480
3.7 mm

November 8, 2012

313/365 - November 8, 2012
NOT Baby Challupa’s work, but another student who has questionnable handwriting. The poor kid gets “the look” from every student in the class when I specify that work needs to be legible. To be fair, this student’s work is the only one – in all 9 years of teaching – where I can’t decipher the words on a regular basis. Most times, I can make an educated guess based on context, but this student’s context is often smudged and not fully formed. I wish I could figure out more of what this student is saying, since there usually is some wisdom included!

ISO 113
3.7 mm

November 9, 2012

314/365 - November 9, 2012
I was happy to kick off my long weekend with a nommy dinner of Indian inspired pizzas and a walk around Olympic Village with Melanie, Jeffrey, Jeff and the dogs. It was a gorgeous night and so nice to catch up. I tried to take a few pictures, but didn’t have the tripod to get the good shots. I used the 2 second delay while holding my breath technique. Not the most effective!

Exposure 0.02 sec (1/50)
Aperture f/6.3
Focal Length 47 mm
ISO Speed 800
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash Off, Did not fire

November 10, 2012

315/365 - November 10, 2012
What a gorgeous day! We went to Bridgmen Park with the dogs. What a terrific place! It’s not officially an off-leash dog park, but it may as well be. There were happy dogs and happy owners everywhere. We had paths to walk, water for Chopper to swim in and open fields to throw a Frisbee. We topped off day with a nice birthday dinner for Sharon and Rob. Happy birthday guys!

ISO 74
3.7 mm

November 11, 2012

316/365 - November 11, 2012
Went for my first run since the half. My leg is still bothering me, but I’m impressed at how much my endurance has improved. I did a short run – one that I did frequently before I trained for the half. By the time I used to get to the end, I was ready to walk! This time, I got past where I normally stop to walk and could have continued on. I guess running for almost two and a half hours puts a 30 minute run into perspective! I took this shot before I headed in to cool down and warm up (you know, cool down from the run but warm up from the cold air!) and to watch the Remembrance Day ceremonies on TV. After I did that, I spent a whole day marking, marking, and marking. But now I’m done until Tuesday! Woo hoo!

ISO 110
3.7 mm

November 12, 2012

317/365 - November 12, 2012
Chopper playing in the leaves? Here’s my favourite picture of the bunch.

Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture f/6.3
Focal Length 36 mm
ISO Speed 1600
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash Off, Did not fire

November 13, 2012

318/365 - November 13, 2012
I’ve been playing with my nails lately. Here’s my latest! I got the idea from Pinterest. I am far from the talented nail artists that I see online. If you look carefully (don’t, but I’m sure you can’t help it now), there are dents and smudges and shaky lines. But I enjoy it, so there!

Exposure 0.017 sec (1/60)
Aperture f/6.3
Focal Length 32 mm
ISO Speed 800
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash On, Fired


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