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my life in pictures

October 17, 2012

291/365 - October 17, 2012 - Conic
(Almost) half of my Conic shrug.

Focal Length 3.7 mm
ISO Speed 1150

October 18, 2012

292/365 - October 18, 2012 - Dogs in cars
I can’t help but get a kick out of watching these dogs in the car.

Focal Length 3.7 mm
ISO Speed 347

October 19, 2012

So I have this student. Let’s call him Baby Chalupa, like a new character from The League – which, by the way, is awesome. Watch it. Anyway. I have this kid. In the first week of school, I hold him that he needed a leash, because he was always wandering around the room – mid lesson (!). He often doesn’t get his work in on time, and because he doesn’t always try, gives off the impression of being less than academic. However, the more attention I pay to the little things he writes and says, the more I wonder just how much of it is an act that he’s developed over the years. I wonder how much of his behaviour is designed to lower expectations and to increase his funny factor? Anyway, he cracks me up. I often have a laugh over his homework… like this one.
293/365 - October 19, 2012 - *sigh*

After writing about how he gets bored and turns to his friend, he circled that part and added the little side note. So random.

Focal Length 3.7 mm
ISO Speed 113

October 20, 2012

294/365 - October 20, 2012 - Playtime
Busy day! Dress shopping, visit with the ‘rents and games night at Sarah’s. I have pictures from dress shopping, but not pictures that I took. Just pictures that Sharon (my lace up girl!) took if I liked a dress. Of course, the very first dress that I tried on (because it was on the front of the pile of dresses hanging up) happened to be the biggest, fluffiest mermaid style dress of the day. I quickly eliminated mermaid dresses. I’m already clumsy, who needs the extra help falling? I also eliminated straps, flowing dresses and huge pouffy dresses – man, those suckers are heavy!

I digress. So, busy day. Friday played tug of war with Sophie, which is big news. Usually, she sits on a chair and looks down at Chopper and Sophie disdainfully as they play.

Focal Length 3.7 mm
ISO Speed 1166

October 21, 2012

295/365 - October 21, 2012
Friday sleeps hard.

Focal Length 3.7 mm
ISO Speed 646

October 22, 2012

296/365 - October 22, 2012 - *sigh again*
More work from Baby Chalupa. Love it.

Focal Length 3.7 mm
ISO Speed 82

October 23, 2012

New shoes
Not a very excited picture if you’re not me. If you are me, you know that your running shoes give you massive blisters on your arches, and that having brand new shoes that don’t even rub the fresh blisters is GOOD and EXCITING! Just in time too, since this gives me a few runs to break in these shoes (but not too much) before the half marathon. (Gah! Mini freak out inside!)

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