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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Cessna is one good lookin’ dog – wet or dry!

2012 july 14 001

2012 july 12 028

Like Scipio, Cessna also loves to swim. She discovered how to launch herself into the water, and would do so with people who jumped in from the dock.
2012 july 12 012


2012 july 12 026

She was super great at fetching the Frisbee, which was somewhat unfortunate for Chopper. Although Chopper might be slightly faster than Cessna when he puts the jets on, she has the advantage of jumping in – Chopper was much more comfortable wading in.

2012 july 12 022

2012 july 12 010

Luckily for Chopper, Cessna would lose interest in the toy when they got to land, so he could grab it then.

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