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2012 july 11 018
So, we saw this bald eagle a fair bit. It was happy to swoop around in front of us. Rob caught a sucker fish and tossed it back in the water. The eagle swooped, but unfortunately, the fish sank. His big dream was to catch another and throw it out for the eagle, so that we could take pictures of it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen for him.

Unfortunately for Jeff – but fortunately for me – it sort of happened for Jeff. Except that Jeff didn’t catch and release a fish. No, he had a fish on the line. He had to let the line go slack because he didn’t want to hook the eagle.

2012 july 14 025

2012 july 14 026

2012 july 14 027

The eagle swooped several times, trying to get at the fish. The whole time, I was snapping away, cursing at myself for not having my longer lens on.
2012 july 14 024

196/365 - July 14, 2012

After the eagle realized that he was not getting a fish, he went back to a tree to keep an eye on us.
2012 july 14 030

Jeff discovered just what remained on his line after the events.
2012 july 14 029


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