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As we have for the past few years, we went on a hike around the lake. About half way through (after the muddy, buggy mess), Jeff told us about this amazing outhouse that we would come across towards the end of the hike. He called it the Taj Mahal of outhouses. He raved about how terrific it was. He came across it three years ago, during a similar (less muddy and buggy) hike with his brother. Both he and his brother had to use the facilities, so they knew first hand just how terrific it was. It as so amazing that Jeff left a note for the owners, under a beer bottle. Now, Jeff is a good storyteller – a great storyteller – so of course, we all took this with a grain of salt.

Until we found the outhouse.

2012 july 13 026
First of all, LOOK at this thing! I know the picture doesn’t feature the outhouse very well, but it has a smoke stack, antlers and a shingled roof. That is a good start. Then Hodge had to use the outhouse. Upon opening the door, he exclaimed, “You didn’t write a note. You wrote a letter!”


2012 july 13 027

Yup. He did write a note/letter. And the owners not only liked it, they framed it with pressed flowers!

And there’s more.

2012 july 13 032
A follow-up letter that they made up from “Trump Enterprises”. Woo hoo!

2012 july 13 030
So of course, Jeff used the facilities again and asked me to take a picture. Now, the picture doesn’t capture all that is awesome. This outhouse has a shelf up top by the vent to hold extras, like extra tp and cleansers. It has a toilet paper roll holder within easy reach, a designated spot for hand sanitizer, wet wipes, magazines, terrific ventilation, a half-door system (so that you can go to the bathroom in relative privacy while still having a view of the lake), hooks for hanging belongings and a very clean environment.

Unfortunately, Jeff didn’t have the makings to leave another note… but he will – next time!

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