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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

An author who writes about her dog Stanley is coming to our school soon. Our librarian had a great idea of taking pictures of dogs reading the author’s books. Great idea!

I had visions of amazing shots of dogs “reading”. I kept picturing Friday’s newly developed ability of letting us put treats on her paw, without withdrawing or eating. We could definitely use that skill to “read” a book, right?

Well, with five dogs wandering around, it wasn’t quite so easy. Once we got a few dogs ready, another one would get off track. And with six owners holding treats, the dogs’ attention was everywhere.

Like this!
2012 january 12 013
(Starting at Friday and moving clockwise, we have Friday, Sparky, Robbie, Mariana and Chopper)

We got this one…
2012 january 12 007
… but Friday and Chopper were off who-knows-where.

Next, we tried reading together. That was more successful.
2012 january 12 021

And then I took individual shots. Or tried to. Friday got in the way of Chopper’s shot, of course.
2012 january 12 029

2012 january 12 033

2012 january 12 034

2012 january 12 036


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