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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Christmas is always a busy time, filled with family. We travel back and forth between Jeff’s family and mine. We start at my parents’ place for gift openings and then travel to Jeff’s parents’ place for more gifts. After that, I head on back to my parents’ place for dinner while Jeff stays put. Later in the evening, I head back over to Jeff’s parents’ place and then we final head home for some quiet time!

Of course, with the dogs, we have to figure out how to split their time between the houses. They followed us to the gift openings and came with me to my parents – I wasn’t overly sure that I would be allowed in without the dogs! They are spoiled in the best possible way by all their “grandparents”.

Chopper’s day in a nutshell:

Car rides
2011 december 25 001

2011 december 25 003

Eating said presents
2011 december 25 002

And… eventually crashing out of exhaustion from all the cuddles, kisses and games of fetch.
2011 december 25 007

I hope that you all had a terrific Christmas!


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