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Chopper did not have a very good Saturday. It started with his annual wellness exam at the vet. He got prodded (in some unmentionable places) and poked with needles. Even with the bonus of cookies and lots of love from the vet staff, Chopper was not happy at the proceedings. After the vet, we took the dogs over to the dog park. Chopper had some good runs with the frisbee before a pit bull named Zora decided that Chopper was something worth taking a bite out of. She went at him twice, and the second time resulted in a puncture wound to the right hind leg. Jeff tried telling the owners that their dog, while nice, had a strong predatory drive. They kept falling back on the, “You’re discriminating against our dog because she’s a pit bull” routine, which is ridiculous. It’s not the breed, it’s the dog. Of course, while they were arguing that their dog is a nice dog and that they would take her out of the park, “if she did it again”, it went after another small dog that had just entered the dog park – after the small dog owner took steps to introduce himself and his dogs to Zora.

Anyway, once we were home, Jeff noticed blood on the floor. We wiped Chopper down, and sure enough, he was bleeding. Chopper’s day became even worse because he had to have a bath to make sure that his wound was clean. Poor guy. He worried me all night because he seemed so down. He wouldn’t even get up to get cookies! He spent time hiding under tables and chairs, but would cuddle in close if I picked him up and sat him down beside me. He limped and had trouble standing up to greet Jeff when Jeff got home from soccer.

This morning, though, the shock seems to have worn off. He is back to being playful and silly, although he does whimper when his wound is pushed up against something else. Some of you have already heard about this, so Chopper wanted everyone to know that his horrible, no good, very bad day is over and he is physically okay.

2011 december 4 003

We’ll have to see how his horrible, no good, very bad day has affected our timid boy around other dogs, though.


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