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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

As with ZOOM!, this week’s assignment is based on a request. The request was to take a picture of an unassuming object that made it more significant, more important. I struggled with this concept, so I kept putting it off. I kept wondering how I would take an simple object and transform it into something… more without hokey Photoshop tricks. That’s not a slam on photo editing, it’s just that I couldn’t figure out how to do it without making it hokey!

So this was playing in my mind as I went for a run on Sunday. I ran past this… (not my picture for the assignment – it’s more for scale!)

2011 october 17 001

Of course, I went home and grabbed my camera. Chopper was not pleased that I left twice, but I’m glad that I took the shot when I did. I’m not sure if the landscapers will respect this little grave – or if the wildlife will let it be.

A35 - Significant

It makes me think of when our class pet died last year. One heartbroken student decorated a wooden box and wrote “R.A.P” all over it. Before I had to make the decision to correct her on it or not, another student explained that it was actually “R.I.P”. She replied, “I want it to be R.A.P – Rest As Peace.” I’m sure that this little paper cross marks a young somebody’s treasured pet.


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