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my life in pictures

September 30 was the first anniversary of Love is Louder. The idea behind Love is Louder is promoting positivity against bullying. It was started by Brittany Snow, who was bullied when she was younger, alongside with the Jed Foundation and MTV. The message is that love is louder – and stronger – than bullying, isolation and other things in life that bring us down.

An amazing teacher at our school brought Love is Louder to our attention. A few teachers jumped at the opportunity to spread this positive message to our students. Four classes traced their hands on paper and wrote down their version of Love is Louder, basing it on their own experience. For example? Love is louder than censorship, than exclusion, than loneliness, than hate and than bullying.

On September 30, I had students write L’Amour est plus fort on their hands (as I am a French teacher!) and took their pictures. There were so many awesome shots – shots that captured their personality and their messages… but I can only share two. The two pictures that I am sharing were pictures I could crop so that student faces were not visible.

A33 - Messages

A33 - Messages

The assignment this week is to share a message – any message you choose – through photography.


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