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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

So, I’ve shared pictures of deer, eagles, loons, hawks (or falcons – I’m not good at identifying birds), whiskey jacks and gophers in the Cariboo. In addition to the wildlife, there are lots of bugs. I didn’t get pictures of the pesky mosquitos, but I can assure you that they were there. In fact, my left foot alone can attest to that with the 10 bites on it.

But there were cool bugs too. Lindsay asked me to take pictures of dragonflies. I obliged, but realized that dragonflies are fast – and they don’t rest often. Here’s what I got:
2011 august 3 057

I also got shots of damselflies. That was easier, since they do rest more often.
2011 august 3 045

They even make mating sweet!
2011 august 3 049

I even got a picture of a meadow hawk, which Jeff assures me counts as a dragonfly. This one stopped and hung out while we were having ice cream.
2011 august 4 018

Here are a few other random bugs and butterflies.
2011 august 4 025

2011 august 4 023

2011 august 3 026

2011 august 3 055

2011 august 3 051


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