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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

After a nice hike around the trails at Minnekhada, we stopped off at Harris bridge so that Rob and Jeff could jump off the bridge to cool down.

2011 september 3 031

2011 september 3 035

2011 september 3 036

2011 september 3 037

Jeff had brought his sandals up with him, throwing them into the water shortly before jumping so that he could grab them, put them on and not have to walk on sharp rocks.

After he surfaced, he found one sandal and put it on. He looked around for the other and couldn’t find it. Where could it have gone?

2011 september 3 043

2011 september 3 044


Once Chopper got back to shore, I grabbed the sandal and threw it to Jeff. I’m not such a hot shot, so, uh… Chopper got the sandal again. And again. Finally, Jeff got close enough that my bad throw wasn’t too bad.

P.S. Chopper has skinny legs.

2011 september 3 046


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