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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

When I asked for photo requests, Melanie requested “Abandoned Buildings”. I did take some pictures for that, but really wanted to take a picture of a house that I pass whenever I head out to see my parents. It’s gotten sadder over time. First, it was just an abandoned house… then it was a charred abandoned building. Sometime after that, someone spray painted a message on the bus stop in front of the house. Unfortunately, we’re usually late for something when we pass it – or I don’t have my camera – or both, and I always curse myself. This time, however, I was ready and Jeff was kind enough to stop the car and wait for me to take pictures.

A25 - By Request - Abandoned Building
Oh – I still have two items that I haven’t yet addressed from that request list. I haven’t forgotten! I will get them. Sometime. I swear!


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