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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

One of our worries when we went to the Cariboo was Friday. At 8 lbs, she’s still small enough to be bait for birds. Maybe not all birds, but some. Luckily, we had enough people and a nice clear space so she was able to stay off leash to play.

Of course, I tried to capture as many pictures of birds – in flight and at rest – as I could. Some pictures were more successful than others, but I think that I’m getting better at getting pictures of moving birds.

2011 august 1 033

2011 august 1 032

2011 august 1 031

2011 august 3 022

2011 august 3 039

2011 august 6 080

Before going up, Jeff’s parents told us about the eagle. It would swoop down when they threw unwanted squaw fish into the water. Unfortunately, Jeff had no luck fishing, so I didn’t get to see this up close – but the neighbours had more luck!

2011 august 4 041

2011 august 4 044

2011 august 6 081

We got to see the eagle at rest as well. He chose a tree near by to settle in. With Friday safely up with the guys and their game of Settlers of Catan, Sue Ellen and I took many (many) pictures.

2011 august 6 038

2011 august 6 035

2011 august 6 033


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