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my life in pictures

This week’s assignment is to gather a list of friend requests for photos.

I posted this on my Facebook page:

Ideas please! For a WAW assignment (will be posted August 10), I’ll be taking pictures that YOU ask for. What is one thing that you want me to photograph? It can be something general (ex/ a park) or something more specific (ex/a kid playing with a kite). Please keep your requests regionally non-specific and family friendly. I’ll do my best!

Here are the requests that I got:
1. Water droplet
2. Big wave surfers in Tofino
3. An abandoned building (or seemingly abandoned if you can’t find an actual abandoned building)
4. Jeff – FULLY clothed!
5. Dog looking longingly at fire hydrant
6. Cloud shaped like poodle
7. Melting ice cream
8. Sunrise
9. Landscapes
10. Things or locations that are unassuming but with the right angle can be the perfect capture
11. Zoomed in, then progressively zoomed out shots of an object
12. Kicking baby
13. Awesome drinks

I’m picking my favourites to post to the WAW photo page, but here are all the pictures I’ve taken so far.

Water droplet pictures
A25 - By Request - Water DropletsA25 - By Request - Water DropletsA25 - By Request - Water Droplets

It was a very grey, misty day, as you can see.
2011 july 16 0222011 july 16 0282011 july 16 024

Dog looking longingly at a fire hydrant
Thanks to Jeff for helping Chopper look the right way for these ones.
A25 - By Request - I heart youA25 - By Request - I heart youA25 - By Request - I heart you

Poodle-shaped cloud
Do you see it? I see it. It’s jumping. And sort of looks like a lion. But it’s totally a poodle…
2011 july 18 056

Melting ice cream

This was a root beer float gelato – yum!
A25 - By Request - Melting Ice Cream

2011 july 17 0102011 july 17 0552011 july 16 004

Kicking baby
This counts, right?
A25 - By Request - Kicking baby

Awesome Drinks
Drink descriptions in order: 1) Margarita from SoBo in Tofino, 2) Chocolate peanut butter milkshake from Lucy’s Diner, 3) Lychee Mojito from Banana Leaf
2011 july 16 0432011 july 16 042A25 - By Request - Awesome DrinksA25 - By Request - Awesome Drinks

Okay, so it wasn’t on the list. But I don’t have a sunrise picture just yet… so here’s a sunset to hold you over.
2011 july 17 060


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