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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Friday can be tough as nails sometimes, and utterly pathetically wimpy at others. She’s usually pathetically wimpy at home – she’s built up expectations in her mind (for example – taking forever to figure out that she can totally jump onto and off of the couch). She’s usually tough as nails when we’re out for walks, where her expectations don’t get in her way. We usually watch in awe at some of the jumps she can make (which is why we’re mean and make her jump if she wants onto the couch or the bed).

But sometimes, sometimes she just knows. Some things aren’t worth trying.
2011 july 4 010

2011 july 4 012
(This is her, “Why did you make me walk along here?” look)

2011 july 4 013
So not jumping this one. (For the record, Chopper didn’t jump this one either – thank goodness! – he went the long way around. It’s pretty damn high.)

She did jump this one, after posing for some pictures while trying to figure out just how high up the jump was.
2011 july 4 014

2011 july 4 016


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