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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

I had my Convocation from SFU last Friday. I defended my thesis in December, so I felt “done” for a very long time. I didn’t even think to invite anyone other than my parents (because I’ve know that they’ve wanted to attend for a very, very long time) and Jeff! Luckily for me, Jeff’s mom and sister and my brother all made it out too. It was so nice having them there! I didn’t really see Convocation as a big deal – maybe that’s why I didn’t think to invite people – but it sure was great to have people there for me. They cheered so loud that one of the people shaking my hand commented on the number of friends I seemed to have supporting me. Thanks guys!

Convocation was a little scary, because they grouped us by categories. First was the PhDs, then the MAs, then the MEds, then the undergrads. I was the very first MA. At first, I thought that it wasn’t a big deal… but then I realized that the PhDs got to sit on the stage after their name was called. I was the very first person to have to make the trek through the audience back to my seat. I kept worrying about which was I was supposed to go, and whether or not I would fall. The girl two back from me kept making comments about how she was so glad she wasn’t going first (followed by “Sorry” and a wry look at me). Hmph.

Well, I worried for naught, since they had so many ushers in black gowns that there was no WAY I could go the wrong way. They also had arrows on the grounds. I should have known that they’ve put on so many convocations that they have to have this down pat!

Since I spent all the time researching and writing a thesis and practicing my defense (and posing for pictures)… you have to look at a sampling of the many pictures taken that day. Ha HA!

What does this thing say, anyway?

Jeff wants me to say “Master!” after everything I say now.

Trying to find my parents.

We sniped a pretty wicked spot for pictures after. There was a statue, so we used the stand to set up our tripod. The only downside? People kept getting in our shots to get their own – you can see their stuff beside my dad.

My dad, my mom, Eugene, Jeff and me

Lindsay, Jeff, Barb and me


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