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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

This week’s assignment is to shoot in black and white. There is a brief article on the key ingredients for black and white images here.

For my shots, I focused on my favourite subjects – Chopper and Friday. I took all of these with my sister’s prime 50mm, 1.8 lens – I got to borrow it for a day and a half, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I’m not used to the prime lenses – I’m used to zooming in and out. It’s great that I have to work on actually moving around to get my shot.

We were in the car when I took these, so I couldn’t move around too much. I did block Jeff’s mirrors by accident as he was driving. Sorry Jeff!

A18 - B+W - Sleepy Friday

A18 - B+W - Who, me?

A18 - B+W - Why, hello gorgeous!

A18 - B+W - Chopper on Alert
I shot these in RAW and adjusted the contrast on some of these afterward.


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