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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

*Side note: I’m jumping for joy today! It’s my convocation… The official end of my Masters program. Now, if only I didn’t have to make phone calls to figure out why I haven’t gotten my raise yet… *

Although Friday looks (and often acts) like a rug, she’s got some mad hops on her. We see it when she jumps onto furniture (or onto laps sitting on furniture), but we also get to see it when she comes to school. The kids love to hold toys out for her and watch her jump for the toy.

Well, who are we kidding? Jeff and I and all sorts of other adults do the same thing. But look – it’s so very entertaining!

2011 may 29 036

2011 may 29 038

2011 may 29 031

2011 may 29 027

2011 may 29 028
Got it!

Man, all that exercise makes Friday one tired and thirsty dog!

2011 may 29 048


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