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Have you ever seen a kid who really, really wants to jump off the diving board, but just can’t quite bring himself to do it? You’ll see him edge his way to the end of the board and stare down at the water. He’ll make a few moves where he starts his jump, but then stops it. He’ll decide that he really doesn’t want to go off the board and make his way, defeated, back to the beginning. Before climbing down, he’ll realize that he wants to try again, so he makes his way back to the other end of the board. He’ll gaze down to the water and then back at his parents and jeering friends.

Chopper is just like that kid. He wants to swim. He likes to swim. He just can’t bring himself to jump in. We’ll encourage him by tossing toys, which he tries to go after until he realizes that he won’t be able to touch the bottom. Then he cheats and goes through the shallow end. But when Jeff tosses him in, he’ll swim, swim, swim – and grab his toy. He just has to learn to make that jump himself.

2011 may 29 087

He’s pretty funny to watch after he gets out of the water. He shakes, of course.

2011 may 29 073

2011 may 29 116

2011 may 29 117

But then he rubs his head and body against the grass, in an effort to rub all that water off.

2011 may 29 128

We get lots of spectators who titter gently when he does this. It helps that Chopper is, a Danielle says, a “hot dog”!

2011 may 29 124

2011 may 29 075


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