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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Melanie and I were taking pictures of the carousel, when she mentioned that she wished she had her film camera. The digital pictures were just coming out too crisp! We played around with different settings. I bumped up the ISO and sped up the shutter speed, trying to get a grainier look.

carousel 1

In the end, I realized that I had some different Photoshop Actions that I could try. I’ve downloaded a few different ones and most of them have these great creative names, like “1” and “2” and “3”. I decided to make a few samplers to see what I liked best.

These twelve are from the “12 Actions” pack. They increase numerically from left to right, top to bottom. It’s best viewed through flickr, so so can see the large size.
carousel 12 actions

These six are from a set named “Set 26”. I’m not sure why it’s named that. In any case, here they are!
carousel set 26

These twelve actually had names! I found them through the Pioneer Woman, Set 1. The twelfth picture, on the bottom right, is from Set 2, because I really liked it, but didn’t think that the other actions from Set 2 worked for the picture.

carousel pwactionset 1

I think that I like Action 1 (12 Actions), Action 3 (Set 26), Action 4 (PW Set) and Action 12 (PW Set). What do you like best?

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