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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Whenever we get together for events at Jeff’s parents’ house, cameras are whipped around. There are often many attempts at group shots – on multiple cameras. This year, I piped up with, “I have my tripod. I can take the picture and send it to everyone.” I had to get Jeff’s attention so that he could project that comment to everyone (my volume just can’t compete!).

I set the camera up to take a series of shots, in quick succession. My personal strategy was to find a spot, stand there and hold my position. Jeff’s – and Danika’s – was to change poses. His way was more fun, but there were a few shots in between that were blurred from the movement. Here were the best shots:

2011 april 17 077

2011 april 17 078

2011 april 17 079


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