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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

I’ve ordered a few things from Photojojo, a store that sells camera accessories. When they ship the order, the also include a toy dinosaur. I got Stan, my blue stegosaurus, with my second order.

I’ve been teaching my students about photography, trying to take them beyond posing with peace signs. I like to take them to the playground to practice, because there are so many possibilities for cool shots there. One day, students were asked to bring a toy to photograph. They were asked to focus on how different angles affected the mood of the shot. Here were my pictures:

2011 april 20 013

2011 april 20 001

2011 april 20 011

2011 april 20 002

2011 april 20 010

2011 april 20 003

2011 april 20 004

2011 april 20 012


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