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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

On Saturday, we took Friday back to her breeder for a grooming lesson. An hour before the lesson, we had been hiking around Belcarra park, so she certainly needed it. By the end, we couldn’t believe just how different she looked!

(For some reason, Flickr doesn’t seem to agree with WordPress – or maybe it’s because I used iPhoto for the first time to upload. One or more pictures always seems to show up saying “unavailable”. It’s all visible on my Flickr site, so just click the unavailable picture(s) to see the original.)

First, a scruffy Friday was brushed out and sprayed with detangling spray. She also had the hair by her paws trimmed and tidied.
2011 april 16 119

Next, Friday got a vigorous bath with two kinds of shampoo and then leave in conditioner. She only tried to (actively) escape twice.
2011 april 16 133

After that shiver-inducing spray, Friday was blow dried.
2011 april 16 141

And combed…
2011 april 16 149

And styled with doggy hairspray!
2011 april 16 154

Then she posed with out a bow… (which I think makes her eyes look a little scary)
2011 april 16 169

… and with a bow.
2011 april 16 183

Afterward, we headed over to my parents house to surprise them with her new ‘do. Somehow during the drive from Langley to Burnaby, she managed to shift the bow.
2011 april 16 224

Jeff and I agree that while it’s nice to see her eyes (My, what big eyes you have!), we like the scruffy look better. It looks like she thinks so too.
2011 april 16 229


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