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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

On Saturday, we went to Friday’s breeder for a grooming lesson. Friday is now fluffier, whiter and significantly more princess like than ever – but those pictures will come later.

The breeder has three Coton de Tulear dogs, one male named Cody (Friday’s father), and two females, Kitisoo (Friday’s mother) and Lousha. Kitisoo was away for the day, but Cody and Lousha were around. Cody certainly is the boss of the house, and let Chopper know that his presence was to be tolerated, but not too much more. Chopper, being Chopper, didn’t contest this. Instead, he found a nice safe spot in the coffee table between Jeff and I.

2011 april 16 107

2011 april 16 152

2011 april 16 121

He did relax enough to play some fetch or explore a little, but was much happier in his special spot. True to form, though, Chopper got brave and friendly with the other dogs just as we were about to leave.


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