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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

My family went to Insadong, a Korean BBQ restaurant, for my brother’s birthday. It’s a good time, especially since Gwen does all the BBQing for us. I just eat and take pictures. I like that!

We always order a group deal, where thing bring us many side dishes and a huge plate of meat. Lots of meat.

2011 april 2 054

2011 april 2 053

2011 april 2 060
I’m a huge fan of kim chee. Did you know kim chee actually originates from another country than Korea? Jeff can’t remember which, but it’s either Germany or Austria, according to one of our many bathroom readers. In any case, I ate a load of this stuff.

2011 april 2 062

2011 april 2 059

2011 april 2 061

2011 april 2 064

2011 april 2 055


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