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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Hint: she’s usually sleeping on a pile of something – clothes, dog toys, blankets, pillows…

2011 april 4 001

We noticed early on that she’s quite the fan of heights. She can scale up people – like Jeff – like nobody’s business. She does, however, hesitate getting down from heights. It got worse when she had her cone on – she learned that we would carry her when the going got tough (like when the cone stopped her from going up stairs). She has started whining when she is confronted with an obstacle. Her current obstacle is the couch. We discovered – by accident – that she is perfectly capable of jumping onto couches… just not so happy jumping down on her own.

2011 april 4 011
How do I do this?

We’ve taken the stool that she uses away, but she hasn’t yet gotten down off the couch without some prodding. And pushing. Oh well, we’ll get there soon enough!

2011 april 4 008
Why won’t you carry me down?

Before she does, though, we’re in for a lot of whining!


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