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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

I’ve been doing a good job so far of taking a picture that I can post as I post assignments, but haven’t been returning back afterward. I was sitting at my table, marking science tests while really thinking about possible future assignments. I kept looking up and forward, since it’s more interesting that reading about extrusive igneous rocks (trust me on this one). I realized that the painting in front of me had wicked textures. Duh, detail!

I abandoned my science tests (with great sadness, ha ha) and grabbed the camera. I tried a few shots with a macro lens, but wasn’t super happy with the blurring effect that comes with it. For a detail assignment, it just doesn’t fly. For a future Bokeh assignment, however…

Detail 001

I took off the lens, turned off the light behind me (oops, should have done that sooner) and just zoomed in. I got two very different shots from the same painting, just by focusing in on two very different parts of it.

A4 - Detail - Painting Signature

A4 - Detail - Painting


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