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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

So, Chopper and Friday really are the best of friends. Sure, Friday gets a little snippy when Chopper bothers her when she’d rather sleep. And yeah, Chopper makes grumbly sounds when Friday gets belly rubs and he feels that he deserves them more. But they really are great friends. They balance each other out!

When it comes to taking pictures, it can be hard to get them both focused at the same time. Jeff took these pictures of the pups during a nice looong walk with Hodge and Cessna at Lighthouse Park.

Picture 1 – Friday looking, Chopper looking away

2011 march 14_169

Picture 2 – Chopper looking, Friday looking away

2011 march 14_170

Picture 3 – Chopper making a face (!?!), Friday still looking away
2011 march 14_171

Picture 4 – Aaaand, Friday is looking away, again.
2011 march 14_027

Oh, and speaking of doing thing together – these guys are going to the vet today and will come home with the cones of shame. It’s better than finding out what Mini Aussie Shepherd/Coton de Tulear puppies would look like!


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