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my life in pictures

2011 february 10 34, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

Jeff surprised me with a gift yesterday. He’s done this a few times over the years – before Valentine’s day, before our Anniversary, before my birthday, he gives me an amazing gift. I thank him, remind him that he could have waited until one of the said occasions, but he can’t wait. I’m so glad that he can’t wait to give me stuff. This time, I got a Canon Eos Rebel T2i – woo hoo! I may have to start up project365 again 🙂

Anyway, I spent all day playing with the camera and figuring out how things work. My photo subjects were, of course, the dogs. I finally got some great ones of Chopper (to follow next Wednesday, of course). I can’t believe just how much detail I can see in Friday’s fur!

2011 february 10 55

She’s a fun one to take pictures of. And play with. Here’s her Einstein look, after Jeff messed with her hair…

2011 february 10 94


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