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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

2011 january 11 16, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

I couldn’t just pick ONE pictures… I just couldn’t.

As I’ve mentioned before, Friday is a total gamer. She’ll go for long walks in rain and snow, go for hikes, try wading in water and even try walking along mountain bike obstacles – no complaint. She doesn’t seem to care about how wet she gets (or stays) or how much of the trail she ends up carrying with her.

She does, however, take some epic naps after we get back from excursions. Well… she just takes epic naps, really. Anytime.

2011 january 3 27

When she’s dirty, it’s almost a guarantee that she’ll somehow jump up onto the office chair without help – although she likes it better when there is a warm lap already on the chair.

2011 january 11 5

She also likes to curl up on the white blanket we keep on the couch. She really blends in.

2011 january 4 3

In this picture, she just had a half-bath (just her underside, after she ended up taking half the beach home with her). We wrapped her up in a tea towel, since she tends to shiver after baths. I love the, “What? Huh?” look on her face here.


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