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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

2010 december 27 6, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

Man, time flies by too quickly when I’m away from work…

This picture was taken after a long hike around the dog park, with Chopper, Friday and Cessna (and Jeff and Hodge). We managed to stumble across a bike trail, so the pups got to run up and down ramps with some bribing from us. Chopper took the lead, running ahead and back, whining when he couldn’t figure out why we were going so slowly. Cessna liked to stop and sniff all the plant life and Friday was just a gamer – charging ahead as if all the logs she had to climb over weren’t her height and taller.

We got back from the hike and the puppies were so sleepy. Friday curled up in Jeff’s lap, and Chopper hid away in one of his favourite places to be, by the chair in the entryway. It’s moments like this when I realize that even though he’s big compared to Friday, he’s really little still!


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