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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

2010 november 15 1, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

In these pictures, Chopper is 11 weeks old. It’s hard to see the changes when we’re so close to him, but he’s gained weight and his legs are longer… I’m pretty sure that his face is older too!

One of my favourite things to do normally is curl up on the couch. It’s even better now that Chopper joins me!

2010 november 13 6

2010 november 13 2

2010 november 13 9

Apparently, the monkey is evil. Who knows why?

On Saturday, Chopper went to the vet for his second round of vaccinations. He did great! He was quite tired that night, but was awake enough to meet my sister, who was home from school for a while. He loved her – right away, he ran up to her and curled in her lap. He does that with me, but not many other people. Daph doesn’t quite believe it when we tell her that he really does love her!

2010 november 13 14

By the time we got home, he was exhausted. He curled up on a pillow – not one he usually sleeps on – and conked out.

2010 november 13 17

He was so tired, he didn’t even open his eyes when I got up to get the camera. This is huge, because he always wakes up when we get up from the couch!

2010 november 13 21

Man, he’s cute.

Here’s Chopper in a tube I bought for him to play in. We thought that we would have to coax him in, but no. As soon as we open it up, he ran through it repeatedly. He loves this thing!

2010 november 15 6


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