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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Day two with Chopper.

He had a good sleep until 4:30, at which point, he was awake and wanted company. We made some mistakes last night, mostly by letting him sleep a lot before bedtime, as well as by not going for a longer walk before going to bed. We waited out his yelps as long as we could, but after thirty minutes, we went to the living room. We ended up sitting on the couch, hoping that our presence would calm him down. When he did stop yelping, we brought him up to the couch with us, where we all fell asleep. He would alternate between cuddling up with me, and cuddling up with Jeff. He is, as Jeff terms it, a cuddle-suck. I call him cuddle-butt sometimes, but it’s all the same 🙂

We had a nice, long walk in the rain and some shorter ones to go to the bathroom. We’re better at walking when all three of us are around. When it’s just me and Chopper, sometimes he just sits down and looks at me like I’m crazy – why on earth would we want to go anywhere?

We’re also working on “sit” and chewing on good things. He’s pretty good at being distracted from playing with the carpet (bad) and latching on to his rope or his kong toy laced with peanut butter (very good!).

He’s also our little shadow ninja. He’ll curl up near one of us and the next thing we know, he’ll be following the other person around. I think we need a collar with something jingly on it soon!


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