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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Chopper’s first full day with us!

He was amazing overnight. He yelped three times – all three times because he had to go to the bathroom. He whined a little when we left him, but he settled down fairly quickly.

He’s picking up quickly on how to use a leash and deal with a collar, even though it makes him itchy. We even got to go on a few relatively long walks with him. Sometimes he trots quickly and I have to run to keep up.

He had lots of new experiences – the vet, Jeff’s parents’ home, Jeff’s brother’s home (where we stopped quickly to wish him a happy birthday) and my parents’ home. He was very nervous at the vet, but everyone there was so good with him. Our biggest concern was whether the vet tech would make good on her promise to never give him back to us!

He was great with the parents. He loves Jeff’s dad’s belly rubs and would often put his head on my mom’s leg to rest.


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