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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

After recess, the students announced that Skittles had escaped from his cage. We spent fifteen fairly fruitless minutes searching for him. I say fairly fruitless, since we did find Skittles’ poop in the class, but no actual hamster.

They continued searching at lunch and after school. In an effort to try to contain the missing hamster to the classroom, we kept the door closed.

I left his empty cage on the floor over night with the hopes that the security (and food) provided would induce the poor thing to crawl back into it. No luck with that!

Luckily, another teacher had heard that the poor custodian had the shock of her life when she found it in the janitor’s closet. She left it there, not knowing where it should go, but I still found it in the morning. Phew!


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