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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Jeff had the camera, so I tilted the computer up to take this picture using photo booth.

The meaning behind it is this:

I quite recently got an email from my adviser telling me that she realized that I’m in my 12th semester. If I don’t defend this semester, I’ll be withdrawn from the program. I thought that I had five years – I didn’t realize that there was a semester limit!

Now, my plan was to defend this semester anyway, but now there’s an added pressure to it.

A few days later, I got another email with feedback from the draft I sent. I looked at the email, with my adviser’s comments and realized, “Goodbye long weekend. Hello frantic typing and editing!”. I did feel a little panicked, which is good. Panic helps me work. Now, I’ve realized that I’m on the right track, so some of that panic has lessened. That’s not so good, since I’m obviously not working on my thesis at the moment. I’m typing up this blog. And looking at pictures of Coton de Tulears. And checking facebook.

But my goal is to make all the changes that have been suggested to me before this weekend is over, since that’s when work starts up again.

Thus, photo of a clock, since I’m running out of time!


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