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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

I made a going away cake for my sister, who’s going away for law school. I didn’t have much time to plan or to execute the plan (a day, essentially), so I went with something relatively simple. I made a figure, some books (since she’s going to school) and a suitcase (since she’s leaving town).

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, and am confident enough to take random comments in a humourous way. What kind of comments? Well…

Jeff said, “Does Daphne have a black track suit or something? I know you try to base your figures off of real life.” I figured, law school = suit. Also, I had pre-coloured black fondant. For a last minute cake, I can be lazy like that.

As soon as my dad saw the cake, he asked, “Who’s this depressed person?” I don’t think he was kidding!

My sister saw the cake and couldn’t stop talking about how, “You made me so FAT!”

I posted a picture of the cake on Facebook (with those comments) and my aunt asked where her eyebrows were.


Admittedly, I burst out laughing when I saw her comment.


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