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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Shannon’s stagette today. I did take some interesting pictures, but this is probably the best one to post. It’s unrelated to the stagette, other than it was taken at stage 2 of it (the BBQ).

Jeff and I found out that the 25 lb limit on dogs in our building is firm, firm, firm, so we’ve been trying to figure out what to do. We’ve always seen ourselves as bigger dog people, especially when factoring in our lifestyle – running, hiking, camping, etc. I haven’t had particularly great experiences with little dogs – I remember a vicious, yappy white ball of fur from my childhood – and I think we’ve got this vision of little dogs with the big dog syndrome.

This girl is a Shih-poo (really, what’s with the unfortunate breed names?). She was really cute and really sweet.


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