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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

A while back, I had a serious heck of a time covering a 14″ square dummy cake with chocolate fondant. It may have been the temperature, or the consistency of the fondant (since I usually don’t do chocolate fondant), but I got it in my head that I would have troubles covering the 12″ and the 10″ squares too. Because of this, I put off covering the 12″ dummy I had for some time.

Finally, I decided to tackle it. Unfortunately, the batch of fondant I had made was not as solid as it usually is, so I ran into a few issues to start. I ended up covering the entire countertop surface with a thick layer of icing sugar in the hopes that it would reduce the number of sticky spots, therefore reducing the number of times I would have to try rolling and placing the fondant. I made it after three tries.

Too late, I realized that I forgot my apron. Once I realized,  I was already covered in icing sugar.  Actually, I think I got icing sugar and fondant everywhere. I managed to get the stickiness off of the countertops, but randomly, I’ll brush my hand against something I find granules of icing sugar or patches of sticky spots. Oh well. At least the 12″ is out the way!


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