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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

What does it say when two posts in a row are food pictures?

Jeff and I decided to finally try out Pajo’s, which we’ve been hearing all about since we’ve moved. It was very tasty food! I figure we made up for the fish and chips by walking to and from the park, with a stop in between to eat, and another to watch dogs at the dog park.

Two downsides:
1) malt vinegar on my pants (oops)
2) watching some dude lose it at the dog park. There was an altercation between a husky and a malamute after the malamute started pushing down a puppy. The husky owner was pulling his husky back, when angry-malamute owner pushed the husky owner, ran in between the two dogs and then started pushing repeatedly at the husky, even after the dogs had separated. Then he started ranting and raving at the husky owner about how his dog bit him (not even), even telling him to “leave now”. The puppy owner spoke up about his puppy getting roughed up and the angry-malamute owner went off at him. The angry-malamute owner’s kid just stood around looking like these kinds of altercations are normal – poor kid. Angry dude needs a reality check.

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