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un peu capoté…

my life in pictures

Poor Jeff had to drive me around on various cake related errands today. We headed over to Langley to Scoop-n-Save, a cake specialty store. I wish there were closer stores, but other than Michaels, Scoop-n-Save is it (to my knowledge). I ended up buying a cake dummy, black fondant, some lustre dust, red airbrush colour and two new cake pans. A few other really cool toys caught my eye, but I just can’t justify the cost right now! I feel guilty enough as it is spending money.

We ended up taking the Golden Ears bridge, a toll bridge, on the way home. We wanted to avoid the atrocious lines we saw earlier. It was easy and fast, probably worth the $4 or so that we’ll have to pay.

We headed out to Home Depot after that, to buy some particle board and such to put together cake boards.

Afterward, I had a bit of a fondant nightmare, but I’ll just put that out of my mind… Time to focus on enjoying Girls Trip!


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