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Every year, I do a “Battle of the Books” with my students. They read from a selection of books, pick their favourites and are paired with other kids who liked the same book. Then, they have to campaign to prove that their book really is the best.

One of the things I get the kids to do is a book related activity. One group decided to create 100 word cards that they used to communicate with their family with for three hours. The point was to simulate the experience of a character in the book, who was only able to communicate by pointing to words in front of him.

After explaining this, they had students try communicating with each other for five minutes. Some students had a hard time (there were a lot of “hmm, hmm, hmm HMMs” and grunts that pretty much sounded like words as they pointed). This guy took a different approach. He picked these three words, sat down and waited.


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