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un peu capoté…

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219/365 – June 7, 2010, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

I went for a short ball in volleyball, but my left foot wanted to stay planted. I ended up rolling over it – boo! It’s fairly swollen and it’s a little hard to walk normally. Luckily, a co-worker was kind enough to go home during our lunch (which is only 45 minutes long) and bring me back crutches. I had been hopping everywhere before that. I should be walking normally soon, but everyone keeps telling me to make sure I take it easy until I’m truly back to form. I’m trying to follow that advice, and am planning on taking it easy for a week or so.

The kids at school have been fantastic about it. Although it’s repetitive to have to explain my injury to all of them, I’ve had lots of offers to help and queries about it. One student even brought me cookies as a “get better” gift! It’s nice to see (the concern and the kindness, not just the gift!).


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