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113/365 – Feb 21, 2010, originally uploaded by C’est du Gâteau.

Victory Ceremony at BC Place – Live medal presentations in short track speed skating (ladies’ 1,500 m and men’s 1,000 m), men’s 1,500-metre speed skating and men’s freestyle skiing ski cross, followed by Trooper and Loverboy.

Unfortunately, there were no Canadians on the podium – at all! – this time around. I really had hopes for the Hamelin brothers… but no such luck.

Thanks to Alym (thanks Alym!), Jeff and I had seats close to the stage and right behind the flags. This meant that we couldn’t see the medal presentations on the stage, only on the big screen… but we got to see lots of Mountie and flag action 🙂

This shot is of the gold medal presentation to Zhou Yang of China for short track 1500 m.

More pictures in this set can be seen here.


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